SimWright is an image processing and software development firm dedicated to maximizing the uses for remotely sensed data. SimWright’s software applications optimize the geospatial feature data that can be derived from existing imagery. StereoGIS™ allows an agency to perform accurate 2D/3D planimetric feature extraction and digital elevation modeling in house. Spidar ™  allows geospecific 3D visual modeling and texturing of cultural features within a stereo image. SimWright uses these tools and others to provide quality, cost effective services in feature extraction, ortho-photo production, airport planning, airport layout plans, crop damage assessment, and GIS web application development.
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Using StereoGIS™ SimWright can create a highly accurate DEM which can be used to generate quality stormwater contours.
Spidar makes 3D Modeling tasks simple and streamlined. View our sample models in Data Services and find out more about Spidar™.
The StereoGIS™ and Spidar™ brochure is available for download. More detailed fliers are available in the Technical Papers section.